TrackHow does the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience relate to the museum’s mission?
The museum is committed to creating extraordinary family learning experiences that have the power to transform the lives of children and families. Americans, especially children, are facing serious health risks due to inactivity such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. The museum has an international reputation and the ability to create the first world-class family learning experience that can engage, educate, and inspire generations of children and their families to participate in health, fitness, and activities through sports. You can read more about why we are tackling this topic on our purpose page.

When will the new experience open?
The experience is set to open in Spring of 2018.

How big is the new experience?
The entire space will be 7.5 acres—7 acres will be outdoors and ½ an acre indoors.

Where is it located?
The Riley Children’s Sports Experience will be located directly north of the main museum building. The new pavilion will be attached to the north side of the museum’s Welcome Center, and visitors will pass through the pavilion to access the outdoor areas of the park.

Where will visitors park?
Visitors can park for free in our four-level parking garage located on the west side of Illinois Street. In addition, there are multiple surface lots available if the garage is full.

Will the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience be accessible?
It’s important to us that all members of the family can participate in our exhibits and experiences. We do our best to ensure that experiences are accessible and inclusive (not identical always), with a range of offerings that allow everyone to participate. We regularly work with experts who specialize in accessible design and we plan to apply these same accessibility standards to the sports experience. We are working with outside experts to identify adaptive equipment. When it comes to our current exhibits, you can read a listing of our accessibility tips in this blog post.

Will there be an additional ticket and admission cost?
With the experience opening in spring of 2018 there are still a lot of details we are working out. At this time we are not ready to share the ticket logistics or cost, but we can assure you we are working to make the park as affordable as possible so that children and families of all income levels can experience the positive benefits of health and fitness through sports.

Will there be membership options available?
Yes, there will be options to include the Riley Children’s Sports Experience in your annual membership.

What security measures will you have in place?
The safety of our visitors and staff is, and always has been, our top priority. In this new experience, we will provide the same exceptional security that has always been in place at the museum. In addition, the outdoor space will be well lit, there will be a fence around the entire area, and our expertly trained security team will be highly visible at all times. The area will also be monitored at all times through security cameras located throughout the space.

How will this new experience impact the city and the neighborhood?
The economic impact of the new experience will be $130.2 million over five years. However, when combined with the museum’s redevelopment of the Winona Hospital property just north of the Riley Children’s Sports Experience, Ivy Tech’s current expansion just blocks away, and Indiana University Health’s expansion at its 16th Street and Capitol campus, the combined economic impact of these four key projects for Center Township will exceed $1.2 billion!