Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience is our immersive family sports and fitness experience designed to encourage and inspire physical activity in everyday life. As physical activity declines amongst U.S. children and families, illnesses like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes incline. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and Riley Children’s at Indiana University Health are combatting this unhealthy trend by combining our expertise to promote healthy living in new and engaging ways through sports and family fun. We intend to create an extraordinary fitness and health experience for visitors of all ages. 

The goal of Riley Children’s Health is to provide the highest level of pediatric care to children who may or may not ever step foot inside the hospital walls.” said Matt Cook, President of Riley Children’s Health. “Through the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience, our hope is that families will learn the importance of physical activity and make it a practice in their daily lives—because if we are keeping kids healthy and out of the hospital, then that is something to celebrate.”

Health, Fitness, and Family Happiness

An active lifestyle provides children and adults alike with increased productivity, positive social relationships, enhanced motivation and skills, elevated academic and professional achievements, and improved self-esteem and body image. Staying active reduces stress, depression, and addiction levels, while preventing or alleviating numerous health problems. In other words, when we move our bodies, we motivate our minds. For youngsters whose brains and bodies are developing over a period of several years, that’s especially important.

This world-class family learning experience will engage, educate, and inspire generations of children and their families to participate in health, fitness, and activities through sports.

“We know physical activity is a crucial component to the wellbeing of all Hoosier families,” said Dr. Paul Haut, Chief Medical Officer of Riley Children’s Health. “Through the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience, we are offering families the opportunity to connect, learn and play together while continuing our commitment to family-centric care.” 


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